Saturday, February 18, 2012

We have a good thing goin'

Sorry it's been so long since my last update. A lot has been going on that I need to catch you up on.

Anyhow, we finished blocking the show last week, and so far, have attempted our first run-thru.  Not my most shining moment, but I actually believe it went pretty well.  It also helped that we were able to move into the theatre a little bit earlier than originally anticipated. The only things I'm having problems with right now are just hearing some of my harmonies and the marathon that is "The Chase" (for those coming to see the show, there is a chance you will be winded watching it cause I'll be winded about halfway through).

This past weekend, though, was a lot of fun just for the fact that the set is in place.  I have to say that I love building the set of a show that I'm cast in.  I find it helps me to connect a bit more to each scene, knowing the effort put forth to create that flat or platform, grounding the entire process.

In addition, we had publicity photos this past Tuesday.  Much fun was had by all (I hope...I don't want to lie on the interwebs), and everyone looked smashing in their costumes.  The creepiest thing was when I got home after rehearsal, and was looking in my closet, I swear to God that I found the same exact shirt Amy brought in for me, except in a different color.  Mind Blown!

This show is coming together in such a wonderful fashion, I find it hard to believe that we open in less than two weeks. It has been such an amazing and difficult experience bringing new life to this show that just didn't have a chance to shine in New York.  I think that this is the production John Water's and the creative team really wanted instead of the Hairspray-esque version that made its way to Broadway.  This is a down and dirty show that has no qualms of telling the audience "up yours", though we never actually say a bad word in the show (ass doesn't count because it could just mean we need to pay close attention to our load-bearing, canyon exploring little friends).

So, things to be aware of when you come see the show:
1. If you have never played with a baton before, it can be harder than one might imagine.  Right, Taylor?
2. If there is a death, orgy, funeral, or just something that might be slightly fucked up, it's a New Line show.
3. Please keep the aisles clear so we may debauch ourselves all over the place.
4. Though it might not say it in the program, Mr. Dupree W. Dupree named the Drapes that the Whiffles play. 
5. It's really fun to say "whiffle".   Say it with me now..."whiffle"
6. Ass Chords, Racist Monkeys, and Wagons Full of Wet Kittens are all real things that need to be controlled and worried about.

Til next time, stay nifty.