Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Guy Sure Looks Like Plant Food to Me!

Howdy hey, Everybody!  It had definitely been a long while since I've added a new post.  For that I am sorry.  For other things...I'm not sorry.  I've been trying to finish up my semester, and just get everything done.  In addition to that, I've been rehearsing my ass off for my next show, going up this week.  It's got everything: dentists, Billie Dawn-esque leading ladies, and plants...lots and lots of plants. 

That's right folks, I'm doing Little Shop of Horrors with KTK Productions.  Add to that, I'm Seymour Krelborn, plant nerd extraordinaire.  While this wasn't one of my dream roles, Little Shop is one of my dream shows.  I never thought I would get a chance to do it, let alone play Seymour.  Everything is coming together pretty well, though I do wish we had a bit more rehearsal time.  Rehearsing 3 days together then having a 4 day break kind of messed with my head, and I just felt really unprepared until this week.  However, now we're cooking with gas, and I think we'll have a decent show on our hands.

I guess until next time, good bye, and remember not to feed the plants, otherwise they may feed on you.